Notes regarding the proposed development at 4101 Third Street

  Jack Tseng, a local Bayview resident for more than 15 years is the developer of this proposed project. He proposes to build this development to help meet the desire for smaller rental and for sale units targeted primarily to young people who would like to live in the Bayview.

 Building Quality

Community stakeholders have expresses a desire for improved building quality along the commercial corridor including LEED rated structures and 70yr lifecycle; avoid inexpensive and dated finishes. The hope is to create a catalyzing project that may improve overall architectural interest in all new developments.               

 Jack Tseng indicated a strong willingness and plan to deliver an innovative/green and high quality building as a ‘model’ project for the Third Street corridor with components to include, for example:

o   storm-water runoff and secondary connection or permeable paving

o   solar thermal and/or photovoltaic

o   bicycle and electric vehicle support

o   innovation in curtain wall / design with high quality materials

o   high quality planting and design at roof garden

             Parking & Transportation

            The proposed project currently includes 11 parking spaces, three of which are dedicated to a car-share system.

            It has been suggested that the developer obtain adjacent parcel(s) for parking lot or parking condo arrangement

            Muni Rest area

            Mr. Tseng has offered relocation of Muni WC to area within building, thus allowing the modular restroom at the corner of Hudson

             and Newhall to be repurposed elsewhere.

            Mr. Tseng’s development team has committed to working with local stakeholders and neighbors on Newhall to facilitate

            a meeting with SFMTA to discuss the possible relocation of the Muni Rest area

            Other noted items

            Some neighbors have expressed concern regarding the shadow line and shading on adjacent single-family residential homes.

            The project may deliver the critical mass of residents and actions needed to revitalize the commercial storefront and retail businesses.